Quality services tailored to each client’s needs

The goal of PRP services is to enable individuals diagnosed with behavioral health conditions to manage their needs and provide them support so they can remain functional members of their community. The program is outcomes-driven and aims to address individuals’ living, working, and social functioning. The services each person receives are based on their unique requirements and promote their ability to maintain self-sufficiency and independence. And at Rabboni Mental Health, we do that by guiding our clients in learning various life, adaptive, social, and daily living skills.

With personalized assistance, we are able to target various areas that can help improve their overall well-being and ability to adapt to life situations. The service they receive in the program may include skills training, psychotherapy, and medication management. The benefits they get from these can help them in various ways. Among them are defining their interests and goals, honing skills that may be used to attract employment opportunities, and managing the symptoms of their condition, among others.

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